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Transforming Patient Acquisition

From Awareness to Advocacy

At Medfluence Advisors, we create an ecosystem of relevant, high-value information that reaches physicians, patients, and medical device companies. With our professional solutions, individuals suffering from undiagnosed or latent disease states can step off the merry-go-round of uncertainty, receive treatment, and live with lasting relief.

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Know Your Savvy Consumer

Savvy consumers today have unprecedented access to healthcare information online and offline. From informative articles to comparison websites to patient reviews, they are self-educating, at times self-diagnosing, and critically analyzing the best options for their treatment. This new landscape has completely revolutionized healthcare marketing for the private practice. To be competitive, practices need the insights, tools, and capabilities to reach consumers accurately and consistently where they search and then magnetize them to their practice.

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Reach Your Savvy Consumer

Patient-Centric Awareness Campaigns

Medfluence Advisors leads the market in a patient-centric approach to new client acquisition. A patient’s journey begins with awareness of a possible solution to his/her condition. By using deep data to predict and target appropriate audiences with educational articles, reviews, digital, and traditional advertising, we deliver the on-demand information patients are seeking.  From the very first touchpoints in their journey and all along the way, we artfully turn their compass in your practice’s direction. Our ability to sculpt this process doesn’t end with their treatment at your office. Once consumers become patients, our Patient Engagement Dashboard provides the ability to craft, monitor, and nurture patient relationships. When a practice successfully manages this process from A to Z, patients become advocates in their neighborhoods. And when they interact online, they add their positive reviews to social conversations, which exponentially benefits your practice’s search visibility and reputation.

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Content Is the New Advertising

A key component of modern digital marketing is using content to attract patient awareness and establish authority on a given topic. When someone suffering from an ailment Googles related terms, we meet them with educational articles. Producing meaningful educational content, along with maintaining social profiles and community, bolstering visibility in search, and capturing reviews all contribute to making your online presence shine.

Patient Engagement From A to Z

To ensure you reach the right customers, we:

  • Employ industry-leading demographic and geographic targeting tools.
  • Optimize and manage powerful local search ad campaigns.
  • Create targeted display ads, video ads, social ads, and email marketing with both educational and promotional content.
  • Manage media buys, campaigns, and reporting.

To build and enhance your online presence, we:

  • Create captivating websites and landing pages.
  • Manage and analyze your online profile across multiple platforms and channels.
  • Improve SEO, manage your social media accounts, and create content.

To nurture and keep your existing patients, we:

  • Utilize a customizable dashboard specifically designed with stakeholders in mind that automates tracking your leads across their preferred form of communication.
  • Monitor and manage live chat 24/7.
  • Get instant transcripts, lead qualification, and reporting.
  • Utilize Conversational Logic Texting.

A Conduit for Change

This Is Not Your Grandfathers Sinus Surgery

Sinusitis is a top healthcare expenditure in America. The overall direct cost of CRS is estimated at more than 10 billion dollars a year. And while roughly 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with sinusitis, about 650 thousand have received treatment. The interim solution, a liberal use of antibiotics, has significant long-term healthcare consequences. Now, a minimally invasive, office-based procedure exists with clinically proven, lasting relief in which a patient can return to work in two days. This means physicians spend less time waiting for an OR in hospitals, and insurance companies save dramatically.

What’s standing in the way of a broader application of new technology? In our view, the key to this lock is patient awareness. Traditionally, GPs made recommendations directly to patients. Today, they may have fallen behind due to the pace of technological innovation. And that is what Medfluence Advisors offers: a patient-centric information ecosystem that benefits doctors, patients, and device companies alike.

Transformative Patient Acquisition You Can Trust